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Why Are Supporters So Important? +

Why Are Supporters So Important?

Supporters play a key role in the Diabetic Manual program.  Supporters are people that you invite to follow your progress.  While it is possible to do this program without any supporters, we strongly recommend that you invite at least two people to support you—and for best results, five or more.

You can invite family or friends to be your supporter by simply using this page to send a message (text or email) explaining what it means to be your supporter.  Each person you invite can accept or decline the invitation.  So nothing about your program will be sent to them, other than the invitation, unless they agree to become your supporter.

Once someone has agreed to become your supporter (by filling out a form that is attached to the invitation), they will receive a periodic text message or email asking them to click a link to review your progress.  Supporters will get to see just enough information to understand what kind of progress you are making on your program. Your supporters will have a chance to leave you messages of encouragement along the way.  Also, if you fall off the program, your supporters can encourage you to stick to it to achieve your goals.

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO REACH YOUR GOAL, YOU WILL HAVE SUPPORTERS. The more supporters that you have, the more motivated you will be to make constant progress toward your goals.

What’s the Difference Between Supporters and Groups? +

What's the Difference between Supporters and Groups?

A Supporter is an individual that you personally invite to follow your program.  In order for someone to be your supporter, they would have received your invitation, and then they agreed to become your supporter by filling out the form that is attached to your invitation.  Once they are your supporter, they will receive periodic messages from Diabetic Manual reminding them to check on your progress.   Your supporters are under no obligation to do the Diabetic Manual program. In fact, we suspect that some of your supporters might not be diabetic.

There is also something called “Groups”.  A “Group” is two or more people on the Diabetic Manual program who chose to form a Group and thus support each other.  You can form a new group with at least one other person that is on the Diabetic Manual program.  Or you can join an existing group if you are invited to do so.

When you are part of a Group, you become a supporter of all the people in that Group, and they become your supporter as well.  However, when you are part of a group, you WILL NOT get text or email reminders from Diabetic Manual to check on the progress of the other Group members. It will be up to you to log into the website and check on their progress, if you chose to do so.  Some Groups could have twenty or more members, so we don’t want to fill up your account with reminder messages for all those people.

What Will Your Supporters Know About Your Progress? +

What Will Your Supporters Know About Your Progress?

Supporters will see graphs of our weight loss, your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  However, your supporters WILL NOT know your actual weight, but rather how much weight you have lost.  Also, your supporters will not see your actual blood sugar or blood pressure readings.  They will only see a graph that shows if your blood sugar and blood pressure falls into the target ranges that you set as you goals.  They will not know that values.

There is also a messaging feature where you and your supporter can leave messages to each other.

If you chose to join a group, this is the same information that any group member will see.  

This is a picture of what a supporter will see as they follow your progress

How Many Supporters Do You Really Need? +

How Many Supporters Do You Really Need?

Members who get the best results with Diabetic Manual tend to have at least five supporters. You will find that you get tremendous motivation from knowing that other people are following your progress.  

With at least five supporters that know you personally, you are three times more likely to reach your goal. There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of supporters a person has and their progress on the program.  The social aspect of Diabetic Manual is a key factor in its effectiveness.


Request Support by Text

There are two ways to send a text message to your contacts

a) Have Diabetic Manual send a message to you which you can forward to your contacts


b) Enter the mobile number of your contacts (one at a time) into Diabetic Manual and send the request directly from this website.


Request Support by Email

Send an email only if you can't send a text message. Emails often end up in a spam or promotions folder so they may not reach the recipient.

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