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    Why Promote a Program that helps Diabetics and Prediabetics?

    - Estimates place the number of diabetics worldwide at approximately 1 billion people.
    - The number of prediabetics may be in excess of 2.5 billion worldwide.
    - It is generally agreed that improper nutrition is the primary cause of diabetes.
    - Many doctors believe that blood sugar problems can be improved or corrected with proper nutrition.

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    What is Diabetic Manual ?

    - Diabetic Manual is a complete online program that provides an eating strategy, dietary supplements and lifestyle modifications.
    - Diabetic Manual is based on a patented (U.S. Patent Number 9446100) nutrition program for diabetics.
    - The Diabetic Manual Program is the direct-to-consumer version of a program that was previously offered only through doctors across the United States.
    - Members get daily feedback on their progress from Diabetic Manual.
    - Diabetic Manual includes an option to create a social support network.
    - Diabetics get remarkable results.

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    Can Selling Diabetic Manual Be a Good Source of Revenue ?

    - 30% commission on all purchases by people that you refer to Diabetic Manual.
    - Residual Income
    - You earn commission as long as they continue to buy from any of our product lines.*
    - There is no follow-up required. You simply refer them to Diabetic Manual using a link that identifies you as the person that will earn the commission.

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    Average Monthly Commission for Each Active Member: $50

    We pay you directly. You never need to collect money from those that you refer.


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    Become An Affiliate Today

    - Provide products and services that the vast majority of people need and want.
    - Help diabetics and those with prediabetes improve their nutrition and their health.
    - Recommend a healthy weight-loss program which achieves long-lasting results. (Coming soon)
    - Offer an excellent line of general health dietary supplements for everyday use. (Coming soon)
    - Generate a new stream of income to help pay bills or create a nest-egg for your future.
    - Have fun and meet new people from outside your immediate circle of friends- both affiliates and customers.
    - Help bring health to the world one person at a time (or several people at a time!)

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