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Welcome to the Training Step of Diabetic Manual

Your Diabetic Manual training consists of a series of videos that will give you the information that you need to succeed on this program.  The first step in gaining greater control over diabetes is to increase your knowledge of how your body works and how your decisions and actions relate to changes in your blood sugar.

You must play each video to the end and receive a check mark (next to each video) before you progress to the next step.

The goal of this program is to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to take complete control of your health.  The videos below will teach you the basic principles of good health through nutrition.

With the help of the Diabetic Manual feedback system you will quickly learn to apply each principle. Over time, these principles will become a natural part of your life.

Please view each video with an open mind.  This program identifies fundamental truths about both nutrition and health.  And this approach has been used successfully by thousands of diabetics.

I considered making a shortened version of this material but decided against it knowing it would have lowered your chances of success.  I promise, the time it takes to learn the principles will be well spent.  Your understanding will forever influence your decisions and your health.


1. Determining Your Level of Success 74hzz5qu5j


2. Tips for All Three Phases of Diabetic Life Support7xsm7q0smk


3. Drink Pure Water km81xrge3n

Your cells need water to burn calories. If you drink the right amount of pure water, you can enhance the ability of your cells to burn calories, lose weight, and keep from gaining it back.

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4. Avoid Toxins in Your Food and Your Environment 3aw14b4pcn

The toxins in food have a drastic impact on your weight and health. The more you know, the better choices you will make, and that will improve your ability to lose and control your weight.


5. Improve Your Digestion fxiwokcfmv

You can't extract nutrients from food if you're not adequately digesting your food. Constipation is a sure sign of a problem. There are a number of things you can do to improve the process that will make a difference.


6. Manage Your Diet p568x4r1xt

Your speed and ability to lose weight is determined by a number of factors. I want you to know what they are so you will have better control over your results and know what to do if you get into trouble.


7. Eat the Right Food 1d7h3ba2j3

The quality and kinds of food you eat makes all the difference. The more you know about food, the better choices you can make and that is a key ingredient in losing and controlling your weight.


8. Use Salt to Improve Your Health owe2bcfmql

Eliminating processed salt while increasing your intake of unprocessed salt will provide your cells with over 100 vital minerals that will boost the calorie burning capacity of every cell in your body.


9. Grit.  The Quality the Determines Success em3hqdmjqq

There is one personal characteristic that will have the greatest impact on your ability to reach your ideal weight and maintain it for life. The good news is, you get to decide how much of it you have at any time.


10. Get Daily Feedback 9k8eu3h85d

To develop a new skill, you need to learn how your decisions and actions influence your results. Daily feedback is the easiest way to learn what you are doing right or wrong so you can improve your skills and results.


11. Make Conscious Decisions gjzki37xka

We do most things without thinking and that often keeps us doing things that make it difficult to lose weight.  We need to take steps to identify the problem areas and set up systems so we will think before we act.


12. Use a Social Support Network ap7bhqbbfv

Anything difficult is easier with the help of our family and friends. We make it easy for you to ask for their support and for them to provide their support with nothing more than the click of a button.


13. Take Full Responsibility ouo43127q9

Once you know how and have everything needed to reach your ideal weight, the only thing necessary is for you to take full responsibility to make it happen.  Don't quit, have a GPS attitude, and you can't fail.


14. Reduce Your Stress vxiaaxrx9m

Stress and emotional eating can make losing weight much more difficult if you don't take steps to prevent it. There are definite steps you can take that will make a significant difference.

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