Supplements to Lose and Control Your Weight

You Need Nutrients to Burn Calories

If you can afford to take them all you will reduce hunger and lose weight at a much faster rate. Low metabolism and chronic hunger are why you gained weight. Taking the right supplements makes a difference.

This diet works because it's designed to reduce chronic hunger and turn up your metabolism so high that you burn massive amounts of calories. Metabolism is the combined activity of 37 trillions cells that make up your body.  That activity is dependent on the availability of nutrients but you can't get enough, even if you eat perfectly. To make up the difference you need to supplement with food-based supplements or supplements made from real food.  That way you combine get a variety of 25,000 nutrients your cells need to function and burn more calories.

If you eat nutrient rich food and supplement with the right combination of food based supplements, you will turn up metabolism to the point where you will not only improve your health, you will lose weight faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Not Enough Nutrients = Hunger

Hunger is a survival mechanism. It's your bodies way of making you eat when your cells are not getting all the nutrients they need. Cravings direct your hunger to a specific need. If you need salt you will crave salty food.

If you eat nutrient rich food and supplement with the right combination of food-based supplements, you will reduce hunger and craving.

Low metabolism and chronic hunger are why you gained weight in the first place. Continue taking the supplements after you reach your goal to keep from gaining the weight back.

Calorie Balance and Metabolism

One of the 22 Principles of weight loss has to do with calorie balance. You gain or lose weight based on the balance between the calories you eat and the calories you burn.  If you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight.  Most diets are based solely on this principle.  We use 22 principles.  You do not have to starve yourself to lose the weight if you can turn up your metabolism to burn more calories.  Metabolism is the collective activity of all the cells in your body.  If they are all working at full capacity, you burn more calories. Your cells are like millions of machines in a factory and nutrients are the raw materials processed by those machines. With adequate raw material (nutrients), every machine will be at work burning more calories.  This is one reason it is so important to eat nutritious food and take supplements.

Poor Food Quality

Our food supply no longer provides the nutrients our body needs to function optimally.  Soil erosion, over farming of land, and premature harvesting have reduced the nutrient content of even the best food. You would have to eat non-stop to get all the vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients (phytonutrients) needed to keep your metabolism at its highest level.  This is why taking supplements is so important.  You need good food, like the food you will be eating on this program, and high quality supplements to give your body the nutrients it really needs to burn more calories. When you reach your ideal weight, having the nutrients you need allows you to eat more without gaining weight because metabolism and the calories you burn remain high.

Nutrition and Your Health

Your cells can only function properly if they have enough of the right nutrients.  Nutrients are the raw materials processed by your cells to function.  Without nutrients, they do nothing.  With the food supply so depleted of nutrients combined with the poor choices most people make about what they eat, our cells are functioning at a much lower level than possible.  As soon as you supply your cells with the right combinations of nutrients, your cells come alive.  This burns more calories and improves your health. So many conditions and so many symptoms are the result of inadequate nutrients.  Only the right combination of nutritious food and quality supplements can provide the nutrients we really need.

Why Supplements From Real Food?

Every cell in our body requires just the right combination of nutrients to function properly. If you have too much of one nutrient or not enough of another, the excess is useless.  This is like baking a cake and having twice as much flour as needed. Taking a high dose of just one vitamin or mineral is worthless without having the appropriate amounts of the other nutrients. You need the right supplements in the correct ratios for them to work at all. Our supplements have the right combinations of vitamins, minerals, and phyto (plant) nutrients because they are made from real food. Getting your nutrients from the food you eat and supplements made from real food will ensure you get the right combinations in the correct quantities.  This is impossible with any other type of supplement.