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Just following my progress can make a huge difference in the success of my program. If you agree to be one of my supporters, you will receive a text or email message that includes a link allowing you to follow my progress.

These messages arrive once per day for the first 30-days of my program. After the first 30 days you will get them once per week until I reach my goal. You can stop the messages at any time. Every time you click the link in the message to check my progress, I will know that you did so.

Just knowing that you are checking in from time to time will motivate me to do my very best. Just fill out the simple form below. Once you check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box, a ‘submit’ button will appear for you to sign up as my supporter.

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You will receive a daily update reminder (text or email) asking you to check on my progress for the first 30-days.  After the first 30-days, you will get one reminder per week until I reach my health goal.  After I reach my goal, you will get a reminder once per month to check on me to ensure that I don’t lose any progress while on the maintenance program.

Thanks again,