Phase 1 is a 30 day program designed to remove unhealthy foods and toxic substaces from your diet and from your body that could prevent you from healing. The program supports this in two ways:

A. Eliminating foods from your diet that are likely to cause damage to your body.

B. Providing Nutritional support supplements that enhance your body’s natural detoxification ability.


Phase 2 takes direct aim at one of the primary contributors to blood sugar problems: poor diet. It does so by supporting you in two key ways:

A. Outlining an eating plan to enhance health and support blood sugar.

B. Providing nutritional supplements that contain healthy nutrients which enhance health and support blood sugar.


Phase 3 is designed to provide your body with the proper food and nutritional supplements to maintain good health and blood sugar. Phase 3 is the maintenance program which is started after achieving your health goals on phase 2.

A. Phase 3 helps you follow an eating plan that supports blood sugar regulation over a lifetime.

B. The Phase 3 supplements provides specific nutrition that helps maintain good health and blood sugar for life.

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