The Answer to Type-II Diabetes

Most People Think That All Type-II Diabetics are Stuck with It for the rest of their Lives.   they are DEAD WRONG.

Watch below as Dr Huntington describes what's ACTUALLY happening in your body when you have Type 2 Diabetes and, more importantly, what you can DO about it RIGHT NOW using his proven, patented program.  If you're diabetic or pre-diabetic, you cannot afford to miss this.  It's time to take back your life.

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You Can DO SOMETHING About It!


I discovered that type-2 diabetes was something that I could actually handle...and not something that I would have for the rest of my life.
I am no longer a 'Pre-Diabetic'!


Vanessa H.

Super Mom


I had been steadily increasing my insulin over the past 18 years.  My body is old, and I had gained over 40 lbs of fat.  So far I have lost about 25 lbs and have cut my insulin in half! 


Michael H.



I learned about diabetes from Dr Huntington's facebook videos and quickly realized that my doctor was not really treating my diabetes - he was just managing my symptoms.


Karen S.



Lifestyle Factors are the Key to Type-II Diabetic Control.

Too many people are being told that they are going to be diabetic for the rest of their life. THAT DOES NOT MATCH SCIENTIFIC STUDIES THAT DEMONSTRATE A MAJORITY OF DIABETICS CAN BECOME NON-DIABETIC! I have dedicated my time, attention, energy and resources to bring to you THE LIFESTYLE CHANGES THAT WORK for Type-II Diabetics....Period.

ONE-THIRD of the U.S. Population!

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a whopping 1 out of 3 adults HAS PREDIABETES!  Of this group, 9 out of 10 have no idea they have it.  From this, there will be 1.4 million new cases of diabetes EVERY YEAR in the U.S.

Magic Bullets Don't Exist.

This is NOT some magic herb, potion or pill that works OVERNIGHT. This protocol has been used successfully by THOUSANDS of people to NATURALLY SUPPORT BLOOD SUGAR. This system requires a little bit of work, a change in habits and a touch of time.

U.S. Patent Number: US 9446100B2

The DiabeticManual online program delivers to you the patented approach to making the exact lifestyle changes that will support you and your doctor to handle Type-II diabetes. This includes food recommendations, dietary supplements, and other key lifestyle changes that have been used by tens of thousands of diabetics throughout the United States.

How The Program Works...

Start The Protocol...

As soon as you purchase the program, you will have access to everything you need to complete step 1, which will help you implement the key lifestyle changes to naturally support blood sugar. You will follow simple videos which explain each step of the program. You’ll get the successful eating strategy. And you’ll receive the exact dietary supplements necessary to naturally support blood sugar.

Be Our Next Success Story - Wins

In building and refining a system that gets the results that I want, I ask that you please share what you have learned with others that are touched by this disease condition.  I am here to help others change their lives!




1.  Take an honest look at your situation, as it is today.

2.  How do you expect it to be five years from now, if you  don’t do something effective?

3. Decide if you should do something about it…

Don’t worry --> once you join, you don’t have to start right away. You will receive a LOGIN + PASSWORD via email. As soon as you are ready to start, simply login and begin following the program. Proceed at whatever pace makes sense for you.

By joining the DiabeticManual program, you’ll have instant access to the video training and your program workbook (including eating plan) and dietary supplements will arrive in the mail.



Once you are ready to implement the lifestyle changes, including meal choices and dietary supplements, you will log into the website program and push “START”. I will be following your progress throughout the program and my support staff and I will be available every day should you have any questions.

This protocol has been used successfully by THOUSANDS of people just like you. I am very excited to see what a difference it will make for you! 


See you inside the member's section!
                      - Dr Huntington

Here is your opportunity for change:

Put the Patent-Protected Power of the DiabeticManual Program TO WORK FOR YOU

Don't spend another single day simply covering up the cause of your situation.

If you have been watching my trainings, Facebook posts and social media videos, then you know the TRUTH about Type-II Diabetes -- and that you don't have to suffer hopelessly and with the false belief that there is nothing you can do about it.  

I invite you to support your body and your future with my DiabeticManual program.

With your purchase of DiabeticManual, you get:

  • Member's Area with SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND training videos
  • Dietary supplements for the first step of the program (30-35 days): Diabetic Life Support Phase 1
  • Online support to help keep you ON TARGET
  • check
    The Eating Plan that will naturally support blood sugar and health.
  • check
    Video training on simple food preparation. (This is an optional feature)
  • check
    Complete results tracking system so that you can see your progress daily.

Retail value:
Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 (30-day program)
Retail $495
6 Months Online Access to the Diabetic Manual Program.

Retail $99
Worldwide Shipping
Retail $24.35

Order TODAY and pay only $199 and get everything listed above including FREE SHIPPING. 

Stand Up to Type-II Today!
Start The DiabeticManual Program.

More Of What Others Are Saying...

"I appreciate the breakdown of how this has occurred...and thank you for exposing the 'lies' that for some reason are still being told by many general doctors (including my own)"

"I'm trying to get my level down and I actually understand the things he's saying... to the point that I'm easily making changes that will matter."

"For those of you who are diabetic. Check this doctor out. He seems to break things down so easily...they just 'make sense' to me."

"This is great information...He is spot on in everything he says. I am living proof of what he has to say in these videos"

"Finally after all these years I truly understand"
"Thank you for helping us to understand this."

"Thank you Dr Huntington...clearly explaining one of the main causes of Type 2 Diabetes..."
"the information and education about a devastating disease is vital and appreciated"

"Best information I have ever heard. Type 1 is completely different, but Type 2 is reversible...making the best choices to keep your glucose level. I live this lifestyle!"

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