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Natural Blood Sugar Support System

How long will it take to reach your goal?

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Will I be losing a body part?

If you have ever had an elevated blood sugar level, you are at risk for foot complications.  The reason for this is that elevated blood sugar levels can​...

Will I have to eat boring food?

Will you have to eat boring food in order to maintain your blood sugar in a healthy range?  It can be somewhat painful to think that you must give up one of..

​How do I keep control over my blood sugar?

To be successful at anything in life, you need control.  The more you can control yourself (your body, your decisions, even your thoughts) and your environment​...

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How It Works

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Why Diabetic Manual?

Patented Program for Diabetics

Diabetic Manual is based on a patented nutrition and dietary supplement program (U.S. Patent Number: 9446100) to support health in Diabetics and Prediabetics.  It is the consumer version of a successful clinical program that has been recommended by doctors throughout the United States.

Doctor Recommended Approach

Nutrition and lifestyle changes are part of standard medical care with regard to diabetes treatment.  Unfortunately, many doctors are not comfortable with their own level of competence when it comes to understanding nutrition—and some others simply give it lip service prior to pulling out the prescription pad.  Despite this, it’s hard to find a doctor who will argue against using nutrition as part of program to help a diabetic achieve better health.

It Works!

Diabetics and Prediabetics who make the nutrition and lifestyle changes contained in Diabetic Manual experience great results!  A chart review of 485 patients that ate from the same diet plan and took a very similar dietary supplement regiment as contained in Diabetic Manual revealed the following: 90% reduced oral meds, 48% discontinued oral meds, 36% became non-diabetic, 86% reduced insulin and 53% came off insulin.

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What Our Clients Say



I was prediabetic. Now my blood test shows I am no longer prediabetic… I’ve lost 15 lbs. feel great!

Michael - Entrepreneur


I was prediabetic and overweight. My whole life has changed. This is the right way to eat for good health…

Vanessa - Mom


I feel so good on this program… I love these vitamins!

Denise - church administrator
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