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Based on cutting edge science and successful nutrition strategies

There has never been an easier program to follow!
Gives You Natural ​Blood Sugar Support!  No Prescription Needed!

​​Natural Blood Sugar Support Everyday
Diabetic Manual!

If you are like most diabetics, your health and the negative consequences of living with diabetes is constantly on your mind.  At every meal you are reminded of what you "CAN'T EAT" or "SHOULDN'T EAT".  Activities that you previously enjoyed may have become more difficult or even impossible now.  Visits to your doctor create anxiety as you fear that your blood tests have worsened or that your medication may need to increase. But you don't have to live in fear of the future, because now there IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT...

Diabetic Manual is an online health program for diabetics.  It's a simple step-by-step nutrition program that includes dietary supplements to provide natural support for blood sugar.

Keep Reading to Discover the Secret! 

Hi, my name is Dr Eric Huntington and I'm the clinical research director at Diabetic Manual.  I turned my own personal struggles with obesity, high blood sugar and deteriorating health into a mission to find the perfect health strategy for those with blood sugar concerns.  I've networked with hundreds of doctors that focus on treating diabetic patients in search of successful health strategies.  I've organized and participated in medical literature reviews and done research in my spare time to discover the path from rock bottom to  a vibrant experience of daily life.

What I discovered is so unique, that it was awarded a patent (no. 9446100) by the United States Patent office on September 20, 2106.  If you know anything about patent applications, then you also probably know that in order to get a patent approved, you must show evidence that the invention functions as intended.   The evidence that this nutritional combination worked for diabetics was taken from hundreds of patient charts from doctor's offices across the United States.

The Diabetic Manual goal is simple.  Give every diabetic the tools necessary to make positive changes in their lives so that the future is bright... so that each diabetic feels empowered and understands that something CAN BE DONE ABOUT THEIR HEALTH.

The Completely Natural Everyday

​Diabetic Trigger Solution. 

Now, direct your attention to someone that you know who suffers with diabetes.  What does their health look like?  What kinds of problems do they struggle with on a daily basis?  Is their situation worse than your's at the moment?   The rate of deterioration of health for a diabetic is influenced by many factors, but most can be influenced or even controlled.

Most of us know at least one person that takes insulin or another diabetic medication.  Many of us know someone who has experienced severe complications, such as lose of toes, a foot or a leg.  Diabetes is a deadly serious disease, but it often does not get the attention it deserves from diabetics... and even the medical community-- particularly in the early stages.

There is SO MUCH that can be done to support the health of diabetics and pre-diabetics.  POWERFUL strategies that are simple to learn and apply.  

But these strategies MUST BE KNOWN by the diabetic and then they MUST BE APPIED consistently in order to make a difference.  But I have good news for you.

Keep on reading to discover the secret!

These strategies are not new.  In fact, they have been used by tens of thousand of diabetics who have been lucky enough to work with doctors who understand what's really behind blood sugar problems. What IS new, is how these strategies have been put together into a simple to use online program which you can access from the comfort of your own home... seriously reducing the complexity and cost of doing a nutrition program through a doctor's office.

As a doctor, let me warn you: the only way to treat diabetes is under medical supervision. However, the Diabetic Manual program helps you to do your part... as the patient who has a responsibility to do those things outside the doctor's office, which will support  life-long health.And we ALL KNOW that nutrition is at the center of diabetes management.  Finally, that part of the equation has been solved.

Does This Sound Like YOU?

It's difficult to fall asleep at night due to the discomfort from the worry. You believe your health is vanishing before your eyes, and everything just gets worse when you lay your head down to rest at night. Your mind races and you worry... but the more you think, the more you realize that you don't have the answers...

You long for the days when your arms, legs, and body didn't bother you so much... you remember the times when you could walk, even run and jump without a problem.  It was fun back then. wonder if you could even do that... and if you did, what injury would result.

Your body just feels like it's dying.  At times it can seem like nothing is working right.  Whether it's frequent trips to the bathroom, despite feeling thirsty most of the time.  Or feeling like your body is starved of energy despite the fact that your blood sugar is through the roof.  Your body just does not make sense to you so much any more.

You feel that making it through an entire day at work is impossible. And on days off, you can't fully enjoy the things you used to look forward to.  The feeling of fatigue is just too great to overcome on a consistent basis.

And here's possibly the worst part:

Traditional Medical Treatments for Diabetes Don't Cure the Disease.  Increasing doses of Medication simply mask the overall decline in health.

You may even be told "it's all your fault" for not eating a better diet when you were younger.

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Medical doctors from all over the world claim that it's possible to reverse diabetes with a low carbohydrate diet. . And this is consistent with the approach to treating diabetics over 100 years ago, as evidenced by the medical text books of that time.
But with the success of using drugs to manipulate blood sugar readings there has been less and less emphasis from doctor's on helping their patients eat proper nutrition.  When asked about this, doctor's routinely say, "...patient's won't make life-style changes....".   But the truth is, most doctor's don't even know how to eat properly themselves, never mind how to advise a diabetic to eat for better health.
But Diabetic Manual is not all about food choices, although that aspect of good health can not be ignored.  While Diabetic Manual DOES include an eating plan born of the wisdom from mother nature and human biology, it also employs knowledge from cutting edge science.  Specifically, a combination of hundreds of nutrients that naturally support blood sugar, into an easy to administer supplement program.

Between the eating plan, the diabetic dietary supplements and simple life-style modifications (such as when to sleep or eat), a diabetic can do their part to enhance the health of their body.

But this is not just any nutrition system... It's been developed in doctor's offices across the U.S. and used successfully by tens of thousands of diabetics.   

And now it's been packaged into an easy-to-use online program so that every diabetic can use it to improve their life! That's the idea...and that is why what I'm going to share with you is going to change your life.

I'm happy to report that there is finally a natural answer to the problem of diabetic nutrition.  
It's called...

Life Support

This program can be done at a fraction of the cost of similar programs that are provided through a doctor's office.

It's completely guaranteed.
And the price is very reasonable.

Diabetic Life Support is a three-phase approach to health.  

Phase 1 is a 30-day cleansing program designed to support the natural detoxification pathways of your body. The environment in which you live is loaded with chemicals... in the air, water, food you eat... as well as items that you come into contact with daily. When healthy, all of these chemicals are typically eliminated from your body by a natural, builtin cleaning system. But as a person becomes sick, that system often does not work properly and the resulting "backup" of junk inside the body can lead to further health problems.

The purpose of Phase 1 is to turn back the clock on your body's ability to experience health. It's sort of a "rejuvenation" step that helps to set the stage for the body's natural healing process. And it does this by clearing out the junk that does not belong in your body.

This 30-Day program is the first step to natural blood sugar support.

  • This is a major breakthrough for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

The number of diabetics helped with this nutrition is in the tens of thousands.

We have been teaching this nutritional protocol to doctors for nearly a decade.  In that time, tens of thousands of diabetics have been helped with this approach. I'd like to share with you why Diabetic Life Support is so effective...

It's because this 3-phase program covers all the bases when it comes to natural support of blood sugar.  It's not geared to cover up symptoms, like most drugs.  It HAS NOT been developed ONLY to ease your discomfort as your health continues to decline.  

Diabetic Life Support is aimed at enhancing your health.  And it does this through nutrition.  If you are diabetic, then you KNOW that what you eat influences your health.  But you probably often wonder... "how exactly should I eat?"  and "are their vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients that I should take in a pill or capsule to ensure that my body has what it needs to function properly?"  These are great questions...

But, Let Me Assure You...

This is NOT some recipe list and senior citizens multivitamin.

Diabetic Life Support was developed by doctors, working with diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.  The specific eating plans along with the nutrient combinations of the Life Support dietary supplements have been clinically tested to ensure success.

The Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 supplement contains 59 vitamins, minerals, herbs and select nutrients that are aimed at naturally supporting blood sugar.  Through years of refinement, this nutrient combination was found to achieve the greatest success for the Phase 1 cleansing step of the program.  Phase 1 sets the stage for all that can be achieved on Phase 2.

Although diabetics report phenomenal results even during the first thirty days while on Phase 1, it's in Phase 2 where most really start to achieve their overall health goals.  When you take a comprehensive nutrition and life-style modification approach, exciting things start to happen.  

The good news is that Diabetic Manual makes this program easy to follow.  If you have ever tried to change your diet, or start a healthy routine, just to find yourself in the same old bad habits a few weeks later... well, you are not alone.  The solution to this problem first was discovered in a doctor's office, but now it's available on line through Diabetic Manual!!  I'll explain below...

...The Diabetic Manual Feedback  
                            System is Incredible!

Each day diabetics log into the Diabetic Manual website to enter daily measurements such as weight, blood sugar and blood pressure.  But Diabetic Manual is NOT just another fancy log... it's an interactive program!!

While logged in, and in just a few minutes, each Diabetic can get feedback on how they are progressing on the program.  By answering a simple series of "Yes/No" questions, Diabetic Manual provides feedback to help you master the changes in lifestyle that will support good health.  This is a feature that is completely unique to Diabetic Manual and IS THE FACTOR that many Diabetics credit as the reason for their success on the program.

You see, this feedback system is based on the questions that nutrition doctors often ask their patients when providing a system like this in their office.  There's nothing razzle-dazzle about these questions, but what IS UNIQUE is that fact that this list of question IS THE LIST that I would ask any diabetic to determine if they are on the right path.  Best of all, you don't need to pay a professional to have the ask you... you can just do it online!

Grandparents are telling us that they have the energy to chase after their grand kids-- something they never thought would be possible.

Athletes are telling us that they are experiencing a physical revival as they engage in the games they had loved earlier in life.

Many have commented on the improved energy and mental clarity that they have experienced as a result of improved nutritional health.

And so many people ask,
"Well, how long will it take for me to see results?"

We let you answer that question as you proceed through first week or two of the Phase 1 program.  That is why you will take several measurements including blood sugar, blood pressure and body weight.  It's also why you will record positive changes that you notice while on the program.

But I will give you a hint now.  We have yet to see someone honestly do the program (take your daily supplement and eat from the food plan) who does not see results in the first ten days.  

That's right, the first ten days.

Because of this track record, the program comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you've tired of feeling sick and tired... if you have tried other natural remedies but failed to see results... If you've tried to make simple lifestyle changes and come up short... I urge you to buy Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 now.

Allow me to explain exactly how Diabetic Life Support can transform your life so that you have...

A Vibrant Future of Energy, Activity and Feeling Good Each and Every Day!

When the doctor says,

"Your test results show that you are now diabetic", might sound like a death sentence.

Many of us know diabetics that have, for one reason or anther, failed to handle their condition to avoid the often devastating consequences of uncontrolled blood sugar.

One day, doctors may find the cure for diabetes, but for now, the best way to avoid the devastating consequences of uncontrolled blood sugar is to work with your doctor AND support your blood sugar naturally with a program that has proven to work.

This is NOT a QUICK FIX: But as I stated above, the vast majority of people will start seeing results in about a week.

Ask yourself this question... "if my current health is in part or as a whole, a result of decades of poor choices-- wrong food, no exercise, stress, constant exposure to toxic substances in my environment, etc...

How Long Should it Take to Get Me Back to a Place Where I Feel Good Again?

The good news is, that it probably won't take as long as you think...

But it is a process.  And that's why Diabetic Life Support is a three-phase approach.

Phase 1 is the cleansing step.  It takes 30 days-- and while it certainly is the step that sets the runway for success on the next step, Diabetics have reported incredible wins from this first phase alone.

Phase 2 is the program that is meant to get you from where you are now, to where you want to go-- in terms of your health goals.  This is where most of the gains occur as your body awakens to the reality of incredibly healthy nutrition.  Phase 2 is as long as you continue to see improvement.

Phase 3 is the maintenance phase. Maintaining all the gains which you achieved on phase 1 and phase 2 is the purpose of Phase 3.  As you probably already know, there are just certain things you must adopt as a life-long commitment to obtain good health.  

The good news is... that Diabetic Manual makes it easy.

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Doctors know you're suffering and hate saying,

"There's nothing we can do."

Surgery... Don't Let it Get This Far.

There are few things as devastating as losing a limb.  Diabetics are 15 times more likely to undergo an amputation procedure than the rest of the population.  It's a real risk and before you consider doing nothing to reverse your condition (lifestyle habits) which is leading you down the path of uncontrolled blood sugar, you must look at this as a possibility in the future of any diabetic or pre-diabetic.  This is not something to take lightly or to decide it just won't happen to you.  It happens to diabetics at an alarming frequency.

If you think that you can just take medication to control your blood sugar, and all the while continue eating a diet that would otherwise kill you without the meds, you are living in a dangerous fantasy world.  Did you happen to notice that your medication dosage tends to always go up over time?  It's due to deteriorating health.  

The only real answer to improving your future is giving your body the nutrition that it needs to support long-term health.

Diabetic Manual offers...

Hope For Your Loved Ones...

It's painful to see someone you love suffer with deteriorating health.  The worry and anxiety over what would happen if you were unable to help support your family or worse, gone from the lives of those you love.  Most pre-diabetics are too new to the condition to really confront the danger that this disease carries with it.  They often don't take the warning seriously enough.  

For Most Diabetics, the disease starts as an annoyance, eating from the "no fun" menu, anxiety filled trips to review the most recent blood work, and eventually painful insulin injections.  It's a predictable path for most... but that is only because they continue to do nothing effective to reverse the reasons they are on that path in the first place-- mainly life style habits including food and other beverages.

Before they know it, diabetes has a grip on their life and it consumes their thinking and decision making.  This is why most diabetics forget just how damaging their health is to those around them. They slip into a bit of apathy over their condition... thinking that there is nothing that can be done about it...

But could be nothing further from the truth.  There are so many things that a person can do to improve their level of health.  For most, the greatest gains can be made by improving their nutrition.  This is where most diabetics can absolutely transform their lives!  And by doing so, you can give hope to those who love them.

Think for  moment about the people in your life that depend on you... that love you... that will be devastated if you don't get on a path to health.  What will it be like if they have to take care of you!

Your loved ones and those that count on you don't deserve this any more than you do.  If you can't muster the will to do something about it for yourself, then do it for them! 

Living a Healthy Lifestyle has Never Been So Easy!

How is it possible that diabetes has become such a worldwide epidemic?  Well, there's probably several reasons, but there are a few that stand out.

First, most diabetics are given the wrong information about how to eat.  Many "sources" of diabetic nutrition data recommend that diabetics eat items that significantly raise blood sugar, such as wheat bread and white potatoes.  This is ludicrous, as it was known way back in the early 1900's that a low carbohydrate diet was the best diet for diabetics to control their blood sugar.  Diabetic Manual includes excellent eating plans that go with each phase.  The eating plans are simple to follow and extremely effective.

Second, even for those diabetics who eat fairly well, there is almost no way to get all the nutrients in the proper amounts which naturally support blood sugar.  That is why Diabetic Manual includes specific dietary supplements with each phase of the program.  These supplements contain hundreds of ingredients to naturally support blood sugar.

A third reason that so many diabetics have trouble getting on the path to good health is their inability to stick to a program. One thing that was always clear is that people who pay for a nutrition program though a doctor's office, always seemed to stick to it better than those who try to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes on their own.  It's called accountability.

So we made a function within Diabetic Manual to help keep you accountable.  It's called "the Supporter System".  You have the option to invite people you know to support you on your program. They will follow you as you move through the program and be able to encourage you along the way by leaving posting messages of support on a private posting board that only you and the supporter can see.  But they will also know if you fall off the wagon, or quit altogether.  And that's when a supporter become incredibly valuable to you-- as it's very likely that they will reach out to you and encourage you to keep going until you achieve your goals.   Supporters = Success

Diabetic Manual's Three Phase Approach

Gives You A Road Out!

Before I share with you some of the ingredients in the dietary supplements on the Diabetic Manual program, I want you to become aware of some information the drug and supplement companies don't want you to know.
Most people aren't aware of it but most dietary supplements that are produced in the United States are never checked before distribution.  The law requires NO THIRD-PARTY TESTING of dietary supplements so there is absolutely no over-sight.  
To ensure quality, every batch of dietary supplements that are part of the Diabetic Manual Program are tested by two independent laboratories prior to distribution.  Only products that are a 100% pass are then sold to consumers.  We know of no other company that goes to this length to ensure quality.

Diabetic Manual Is Different.

Our three-phase approach handles the nutritional needs of a diabetic from every angle.

The entire program is presented in an easy to understand and follow, online format.  It hard to imagine a more simple system. 

Your purchase of Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 includes your membership access to the Diabetic Manual website.  Once logged in, you will follow the simple steps that will train you 

on everything you need to know to successfully implement the program.

It's as easy as "decide to use Diabetic Manual to do something about your situation".  Then purchase the program, log in and follow the directions.  Oh, and don't forget to take you supplements each day...

Really, making the needed changes has never been so easy.

Secret Ingredient #1


Berberine hydrochloride is a chemical found in several plant species including the European Barberry.  Berberine is known to inhibit the growth of bacteria and has antioxidant properties.  But it's been included in the Diabetic Life Support supplement due to it's natural support of blood sugar.  In fact, the effectiveness of berberine has gotten so much attention, that in a recent study, researchers elected to compare the effect of berberine against metformin in diabetic patients.  The results were positive.

Secret Ingredient #2

Bitter Melon Extract

WebMD has the following to say about Bitter Melon.  "It's a plant whose fruit and seeds are used to make medicine.   Bitter Melon is used for various stomach and intestinal disorders... as well as diabetes..."

WebMD goes on to say the following, "Bitter Melon contains a chemical that acts like insulin to help reduce blood sugar levels."

Thus, Bitter Melon is secret ingredient #2.

Secret Ingredient #3

Rehmannia Glutinosa 

Rehmannia is a plant that grows mostly in Asia.  It's been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese Medicine for centuries.

WebMD states the following, "Some chemicals in rehmannia also seem to lower blood sugar levels."

This makes Rehmannia a vital ingredient for natural support of blood sugar.

Secret Ingredient #4

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract

Gymnema is a shrub that is native to India and Africa.  Gymnema has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine.

WebMD states that Gymnema is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome and weight loss, among other conditions.  It also says this regarding how it works, "Gymnema contains substances that decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestine... and may also increase the amount of insulin in the body and increase the growth of cells in the pancreas, which is the place in the body where insulin is made."

Secret Ingredient #5

S-Acetyl L-Glutathione

This is where cutting edge science meets mother nature.  Glutathione is a powerhouse antioxidant produced by the body.  However, as we age, our body makes less of it, which is why it's important to consume it by using dietary supplements.  However, the problem is that glutathione alone degrades rapidly in the stomach. By attaching "Acetyl" to the glutatione, it helps significantly increase the absorption rate, so that more glutatione arrives in your cells.  

It is difficult to enjoy health in the absence of sufficient amounts of this powerful antioxidant.  That's why it's secret ingredient #5.

Here is your opportunity for change:

Put the Patent-Protected Power of
Diabetic Life Support TO WORK FOR YOU

Don't spend another single day simply covering up the symptoms and causes behind your condition.

You don't have to succumb to the long-term decay and detriment that diabetes victims have suffered with for decades.  We invite you to support the health and function of your body with Life Support Phase 1.  Retailing at $495, today you have the opportunity to start the Life Support program for only $199.

By purchasing today,  we will also reward you for taking action by including at no additional cost, a month's supply of Diabetic Life Support Protein smoothie (a $39.95 value)! 

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