My Story

To Make It EASY for YOU to Achieve Greater Health

I began seeing patients in private practice on the day before my twenty-sixth birthday.  That was July 30, 2001.  At the time, I was asked by family and a few friends why I did not wait two more days—so that I did not have to work on the big day (my birthday).  I told them it was because there was nothing I wanted more for my birthday than to help someone get better.

Throughout my life I have had a passion for improving the condition of things.  I quickly found out that few things brought me more happiness than helping someone else improve situations in their life.

Experiences in my own life, combined with observation of those around me, quickly lead me to the conclusion that a person’s health is the fundamental building block upon which all other happiness and success depends.

I studied health and human physiology from an early age.  I have always been intrigued by how the body works and discovering methods to improve its function.

In my first five years in private practice, I noticed that the percentage of the new patients that came to me who were on multiple medications increased approximately 3x.  Most of these people considered themselves to be relatively healthy.

I also noticed, that almost NONE of my patients understood even the most basic concepts regarding how their body worked.  And even fewer could paint a clear picture for what it even means to be healthy.

It was from this experience that I decided to expand my mission beyond my practice.  I decided to dedicate my life to finding the route to better health for anyone that wants it.


It occurred to me that every time I purchase an expensive item, such as a new appliance, or some kind of electronic gizmo, it always comes with an instruction manual.  It seems that manuals are provided in two scenarios.

First, if an item is expensive, and thus something that you would not want to replace, then a manual is provided.

Second, if an item might be complicated to the user, than a manual is provided.

While my body is both irreplaceable and somewhat complex, I never got an owners manual!  And I suspect that you never got one either…


My mission is to make it EASY for YOU to achieve greater health.  I have designed Diabetic Manual for you so that you can apply the material and improve your health.

I have not made any attempt to impress the health experts.  Some of them may even complain that the information I provide is overly simplistic.   Well, this site is not for them, unless they want to be healthy.  It’s yours.

My goal is to make achieving GREAT HEALTH, simple for you.  If you find this material easy to understand and apply to achieve greater health, then I have achieved my goal.

My Philosophy Regarding Health:

Every person has the potential to be healthy.  I also believe that the outer limits of human potential, if measured in physical ability, mental ability, or longevity, has yet to be reached.  In fact, I believe that most of us are a long way from what we could achieve with even just 30 days of life style improvements.

The secret to better health is largely found in two places—nature and in the innate ability of the body to heal itself.

My Products:

While I believe that it is best to get the nutrition that your body needs from your food—I also understand that for many reasons, this can be very challenging.   To fill in those gaps, dietary supplements are the answer.

While in private practice, I found several problems with dietary supplements.  Those problems included.

  1. Products formulations were sometimes inadequate.
  2. Products often contained harmful fillers.
  3. Very few products were tested by independent testing companies and therefore I had to trust that the label matched what was in the bottle.
  4. Patients often found that supplements were too expensive.

To solve these problems, I dedicated years of research to the development of dietary supplements.  To date, I have developed over 100 products.  Some are formulated for physicians use in their practices.  Others, such as those available through Diabetic Manual, were created for the needs of consumers interested in better health.

Diabetic Manual Supplements solve the problems that I encountered in practice.

The products are free form harmful fillers and they contain only the ingredients on the label.  I know this because random samples from EVERY BATCH of Diabetic Manual Supplements are tested by an independent laboratory.

To handle concerns about finances, I have worked with manufacturing and logistics experts to remove all unnecessary costs from production.   My goal has been to achieve the highest quality product at the lowest cost to you.  And I believe that this has been accomplished.

I Rely on My Team of Experts

While I have a lot of knowledge in many different areas of human health, my greatest skill may be in taking something which is complex, and making it easy to understand.

Diabetic Manual and its products are the results of thousands of hours of work by hundreds of professionals, including doctors, research scientist, chemists, and product production specialists.

While I have the honor of meeting you through my work, you should know that there is a very large team that is behind this project.

My Credentials:

B.S. in Biology from Loyola College, Maryland   1997
D.C. from New York Chiropractic College 2001
Maryland Delegate for the International Chiropractors Association 2002 – 2012
Executive Committee of the ICA- Best Practices and Practice Guidelines. 2008
I was the primary researcher in charge of locating and acquiring research studies for the project.
Awarded a patent for DIABETIC LIFE SUPPORT nutritional program 2016

My Goal for You

To achieve the health you desire, so you can live life on your terms.