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Diabetic Life Support Phase 1

Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 includes the Life Support Phase 1 Eating Plan, as well as the Phase 1 Nutrient Capsules.

The purpose of Diabetic Life Support phase 1 is to remove unhealthy foods and toxic substances from your diet and from your body which may prevent you from healing. This is done two ways.

  1. Eliminate foods from your diet that are likely to cause damage to your body.
  2. Provide nutritional support supplements that enhance your body’s normal detoxification process.
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For those starting the program for the first time:

The Phase 1 nutrient capsules are a dietary supplement that contains 60 selected ingredients which enhance your health and well-being by supporting your body to cleanse and get rid of toxic substances. Phase 1 lasts for 30-days and is the first step of the Diabetic Life Support system. The next step immediately following Phase 1 is Diabetic Life Support Phase 2.

For those on Diabetic Life Support Phase 3:

It is recommended that those who have made it to the maintenance phase which is Diabetic Life Support Phase 3, cycle back and do Phase 1 for 30 days every eight to twelve months. When doing this, the program schedule calls for you to stop taking the Phase 3 supplements for thirty days, and only take the phase 1 supplements during that time. Then return to the Phase 3 program following that 30-day period.

  Phase 1 Capsules (30-day Supply). Include phase 1 instructional material $xx