Welcome to my growing video collection of diabetes and nutrition videos. I want to offer these videos for free in effort to educate and create a better future for diabetics. Start watching and learn how to get on the road to creating a better future!

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"I appreciate the breakdown of how this has occurred...and thank you for exposing the 'lies' that for some reason are still being told by many general doctors (including my own)"

"I'm trying to get my level down and I actually understand the things he's saying... to the point that I'm easily making changes that will matter."

"For those of you who are diabetic. Check this doctor out. He seems to break things down so easily...they just 'make sense' to me."

"This is great information...He is spot on in everything he says. I am living proof of what he has to say in these videos"

"Finally after all these years I truly understand"
"Thank you for helping us to understand this."

"Thank you Dr Huntington...clearly explaining one of the main causes of Type 2 Diabetes..."
"the information and education about a devastating disease is vital and appreciated"

"Best information I have ever heard. Type 1 is completely different, but Type 2 is reversible...making the best choices to keep your glucose level. I live this lifestyle!"

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