Will I Have to Eat Boring Food?


Will you have to eat boring food in order to maintain your blood sugar in a healthy range?  It can be somewhat painful to think that you must give up one of your favorite treats to improve your health.   In truth, there are two sides to this story.

There ARE foods that you should NOT eat as a diabetic. But for the most part, no one should eat those foods.  I’m talking about foods that are high in sugar.  That means refined sugar, such as candy, cake, other sweets, including some cereals.  But, also foods that are high in natural sugars such as a glass of orange juice.  You see, sugar is likely the number one cause of diet induced chronic disease.

So, before you have a loss over being diabetic and therefore losing out on that piece of cake.  Realize that the cake is not a good food choice for anyone; diabetic or otherwise.  You are better off when you decide not to eat it—and so is the next guy.

And yes, that better choice is tough sometimes, but there is no way around it.  Some things which pass as “food” today really should not be considered food at all.  They are loaded with sugar or other addictive chemicals that make your body crave more; but they do little to help you experience health and vitality.

So, aside from the obvious foods that should be avoided because they lead to poor health, you can enjoy a wide array of delicious foods.  As you transition away from the unhealthy foods, which are often extremely sweet, you will notice a gradual shift in your taste preference.  This shift is actually a shift back toward a more natural preference. You’ll soon find that you enjoy the natural taste of foods, and don’t crave the extreme sweet which is a result of manipulation by the food industry.

In addition, there are also healthy options for “treats” that utilize natural foods which can replace some of the less healthy foods that you might decide to eliminate from your diet.

The dietary supplements that are part of the Diabetic Manual program help to fill in the missing nutrition that you fail to get from the foods you eat.  Today’s food supply is not what it used to be. And so even when you eat an almost perfect diet, you can’t get the same nutrition from today’s food, which our grandparents might have gotten from their garden.

A lack of nutrients in your body is the primary factor that causes food cravings.  So once on the Diabetic Manual program, you will notice that food cravings become less intense and may disappear completely.

A diabetic friendly diet DOES NOT need to be boring.  It can only appear boring when you are forced to eliminate foods you love, but are given no options for other new foods that you can introduce to replace the ones you no longer eat.  Diabetic Manual handles that concern completely, with an extensive list of diabetic friendly foods, and recipes for those that like to prepare foods at home.

It’s possible to enjoy your life while eating delicious healthy food that will support your mission to maintain your blood sugar and your overall health.

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