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Your health is our goal at Diabetic Manual.  It is reported by doctors that the two products they most often recommend to enhance the results of Diabetic Life Support Phase 1 are.... 

Diabetic Plant Protein

Chocolate Flavored Shake

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    Delicious: This Chocolate flavor protein shake is a delicious treat that helps those on Life Support Phase 1 to avoid hunger and the temptation of bad sweets and other things that diabetics should not eat.
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    Each serving provides 21 grams of protein.  In addition, it provides probiotics and digestive enzymes (both to support digestion). 
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    This chocolate protein shake is made exclusively from plants and so avoids the common allergens such as soy, whey and rice, which are often in store-brand protein shakes. 

Leaky Gut Support

Cocoa Flavored Shake

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    It is estimated that most diabetics have damaged or dysfunctional digestive tracts.  This cocoa flavored shake supports the health of the digestive tract.
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    The Leaky Gut Support cocoa flavored shake supports health by providing nutrients that enhance digestive system function.  
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    Ensure that you get the best possible results on the Diabetic Life Support Program with this delicious cocoa flavored shake.

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